{happy father’s day}
Do you have an official blog/tumblr for your art, not just this universe? (although I love it!)
question for the author, why didn't you make some of the angels family? i'm not complaining i love this blog i just was wondering why?

I am not sure what is the question… Do you mean why they aren’t related, or why I didn’t include some of them? : D;

But Dean has never gone beyond kissing with Castiel?

I love that drawing of them as adults - I hope we'll get a few glimpses of it now and again as Cas practices Divination (maybe he's just a little too good at it? I think he'd be encouraged by what he saw!).

That doesn’t actually belong in this AU, it’s just a non AU pic I grabbed as a joke cus it was just normal adult DeanCas… ><

I am sorrry!
I feel bad now.


Have you ever drawn Dean and Cas as adults? This verse is adorable. :)


Thank you xoxo

If someone were to write a fanfiction based off this, would it be okay for them to make up most of the plot, but still keep in touch with events in the blog?
─ Anonymous

I don’t mind any degree of inspiration that is taken from this and turned into a fanfic. I can’t expect that anyone would read my mind and know what I have planned, so I understand anything inspired by it can’t be directly related, as I haven’t worked together with anyone on it. I don’t mind if people write whatever they want~

That's an interesting quote you've got on the sidebar. I went looking around the internet for it, but I wanted to make sure... Is it a FF XIII-2 quote? Thanks!
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Oh I am not sure… it was there on the layout I downloaded, oopsie 

I'm probably in the minority but I think this is kinda perfect without all the new characters from current canon - Garth, Charlie, Benny etc So I'm kinda hoping you don't add them, kinda in part because the dynamics that those new characters have don't really gel in my mind within this. Adore your art, this is always a treat for the eyes and the heart.
─ Anonymous

Hi, I don’t feel very comfortable adding them because not only am I not familiar enough with them to place them in houses, but I am even less reliable to answer questions about them. The only reason I was considering adding more characters is because some of the years 1-7 are quite bare… but if I add I might just try to pull more characters who played one or two roles in older seasons that I actually know…
As it is, I am leaving it the way they are! Most of the questions I get are for the characters I draw all the time, anyway.  

Are you going to add Benny or Samadriel? (sorry if this has already been asked)
─ Anonymous

Possibly Benny, but not surely.